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Écrit par : dulrich 29 Jan 2004, 18:15|8744819&


If an error condition is detected by one of the Apple LCD display products, the power light will display a series of short flashes.
Products affected

    * Apple Studio Display (ADC)
    * Apple Studio Display 17 (ADC)
    * Apple Studio Display (LCD)
    * Apple Cinema Display (ADC)
    * Apple Cinema HD Display
    * Apple Cinema Display (20-inch)


Shut down the computer, disconnect and reconnect the display cable, then start up the computer again. This may be all that is necessary to resolve this issue if the error is caused by a loose connection.

A sequence of two short flashes and a long flash indicate the display is detecting a backlight lamp error which may require service to correct.

A repeating sequence of three short flashes indicates the display is detecting input in the wrong video format. Check that your display is compatible with the video card card and that supported versions of Mac OS and the display software are being used.

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